Wounded Warriors Reach Out to Young Amputees—Through Softball


For some people, a little setback in life is just the beginning of something great.And that’s certainly the case for the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST).

This is a sports team the likes of which you’ve never seen: a team made up of all veterans who’ve lost limbs in the line of duty. But that hasn’t stopped these men from becoming competitive athletes with their own softball team. Now these players travel across the nation educating and inspiring others as they play exhibition games against other able-bodied teams.

And now WWAST is reaching out to young American amputees. Last week, the team hosted their first ever West Coast WWAST Kids Camp in Mission Viejo, California. The camp was for boys and girls ages 8–12 who have missing limbs, and kids from all over the country showed up in California to play softball with these Wounded Warriors.

As the veterans bonded with their young camp members, they were able to not only play some great ball, but also teach these kids valuable skills like tying your shoes one-handed. And most importantly of all, playing with WWAST gave these kids the chance to see for themselves that not even a physical limitation can stop them from having fun and living their dreams.

To read more about this special softball camp, just click here. And be sure to check out WWAST’s official website at woundedwarrioramputeesoftballteam.org.

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