Some Awesome Back-to-School Military Discounts

military school discounts

Being an active service member or a retired veteran comes with lots of benefits, and rightly so! The trick sometimes is knowing how to find them. But no matter what time of year it is or what you might be up to—school, traveling, or even buying a new home—there’s probably some kind of discount out there to honor your service to your country and help you save some dough.

Back-to-school shopping can definitely get expensive, whether it’s for you or your kids. So do what you can to cut down that bill. If you’re serving or have served in the military, here are some tips to keep in mind before you rush to the store to pick up some new school gear:

Google is your friend

Before you shop anywhere this fall, check online resources like’s discount center or this fantastic article filled with all kinds of military discounts. The world is your oyster online, so do a little research to find military discounts in your area. Getting a veteran ID card can make you eligible for a lot of perks too, and as always don’t forget to take advantage of your VA GI Bill benefits if you or your spouse are going back to school.

Military discounts are everywhere

Really, they are. If you don’t believe me, check out this list of back-to-school discounts straight from

School supplies

Clothing and shoes

Backpacks and lunch bags

  • Pottery Barn Kids has a great selection and a 10 percent in-store military discount too. Score.

Tutoring and test prep

  • If anyone in your family needs a little extra help, offers 24×7 online tutoring to military families for free.
  • If your older kids are getting ready for college, eKnowledge offers SAT and ACT test prep programs to service members and their families at a great discount.


  • Dell and Radio Shack both offer military discounts on new computers and electronics
  • My Nerds also offers military discounts on tech support.


Don’t forget these common-sense shopping tips . . .

  • Check for tax-free shopping days—Some states have days of the year known as “sales tax holidays” right around the back-to-school season, so find out if your state has any.
  • Take advantage of price matching—This goes for any store really, but don’t forget that the Navy Exchange (NEX),the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX), and the Army and Air Force Exchange (AAFES) all offer price matching if you bring proof that a competitor is offering an item for less.
  • Hunt at home before you buy—It’s very easy to make a mile-long list of everything you need for school, but before you whip out that credit card, take stock of what school supplies and fall clothes your kids already have. It could save you a lot.
  • Stall your shopping—There are all kinds of reasons to wait to do your shopping until after the first day of school. This gives your kids a chance to scope out fall clothing trends and gives you a chance to take advantage of Labor Day sales. You might consider waiting.

Interested in finding more discounts for veterans? Check out this blog post on saving money while you travel.