News Roundup: Are PTSD Treatments Effective, Marine Veteran Pays Tab for Active Soldiers, 2 Female Officers Advance to Final Phase of Army Ranger School

Soldier Having Counselling Session

Soldier Having Counselling Session

We scour the web for the latest news on veterans and compile it here every other week. Here are the top headlines for July 24 – August 14.

How Effective Are PTSD Treatments for Veterans?

The number of veterans with PTSD is a serious problem. And now, according to a new study, researchers have discovered that commonly used first-line treatments for veterans with PTSD may not work as well as we once thought. The study analyzed two of the most commonly used psychotherapy treatments for PTSD, cognitive processing therapy and prolonged exposure therapy, and found that while veterans’ PTSD symptoms did improve, their conditions still met the minimum requirements to receive a PTSD diagnosis. Read More

Marine Veteran Picks Up Tab for Active Soldiers, Prompting One to Pay it Forward

It just goes to show that one little act of kindness can make all the difference. Earlier this month, Washington Army National Guard sergeant Brian King was eating lunch with a fellow veteran at Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill when the waitress approached their table and said their lunch had been paid for. On the receipt was a note that said, “Thanks for your service [SIC] gentlemen. -Former Marine.” The kind gesture inspired King to “pay it forward,” and later that day, he paid for a group of servicemen’s dinner at Applebee’s. Read More

Two Female Officers Advance to Final Phase of Army Ranger School

Two of the three female officers attending U.S. Army Ranger school have advanced to the final phase of the infantry course. The Swamp Phase of Ranger School is 17 days long and consists of two jumps for airborne-qualified personnel, four days of waterborne operations training and a 10-day field training exercise. The third female officer will repeat the previous course. Read More