News Round Up: Military Suicide Experts Criticize Ted Nugent Statement, Vietnam Veteran Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against VA, Jeb Bush Calls for Privatized VA Health Care

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We scour the web for the latest news on veterans and compile it here every other week. Here are the top headlines for March 28 – April 8.

Military Suicide Experts: Ted Nugent Veteran Claims are “Distorted” and “Ridiculous”

Military and veteran suicide experts are criticizing musician and NRA board member Ted Nugent for saying that America’s veteran suicide problem is directly attributed to President Obama. Nugent recently told Right Wing Watch that veterans are committing suicide because they believe the president is “the enemy.” Experts say that not only is this statement false, but it actually hurts veterans by demeaning their suffering and politicizing a serious public health issue. Read More

Vietnam Veteran Files Class-Action Lawsuit Over Delayed Appeals on Disability Benefits

A Vietnam veteran who has been waiting years for VA disability benefits has recently filed a class-action lawsuit in an effort to force the VA to expedite its backlog of claims and appeals. Conley Monk Jr. filed for disability benefits for PTSD and diabetes and was initially denied. He filed an appeal nearly two years ago, and has yet to hear back from the administration. Backlogs of disability claims have been steadily rising since 2009 as Iraq and Afghanistan veterans return from active duty and the VA expanded eligibility requirements for Vietnam veterans. Read More

Jeb Bush Calls for Privatizing Elements of Veterans Health Care

Jeb Bush, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, recently met with a group of veterans for breakfast in Colorado. During the meeting, Bush called for privatizing certain aspects of veteran health care, most notably offering veterans vouchers they can use at private hospitals to obtain treatment. Last month, Bush voice support for legislation that would allow veterans to seek care outside the VA system if they lived more than 40 miles from a VA hospital or clinic. Read More


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