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You’ve landed a job interview, now what?

One of the biggest things people struggle with when it comes to interview prep is how to dress. It’s very understandable. Every company and industry seems to have varying definitions for “business casual” and “business professional” dress attire, which makes it hard to know what the expectations are.

It’s estimated that more than 50 percent of a person’s first impression of you is influenced by the way you dress. That makes dressing properly for an interview all the more important.

Here are some basic, no-fail interview attire guidelines for your next interview:


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  • Invest in a dark, solid-colored professional jacket. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a business suit, but at minimum you should wear a blazer.
  • Wear a long-sleeved white or light blue button-up shirt.
  • Pick a high-quality tie with a slight pop of color. Do not wear ties featuring bold patterns or characters on them.
  • Make sure your belt is the same color as your shoes.
  • Wear dark, calf-height socks.
  • Invest in comfortable leather shoes.
  • Limit jewelry to a wristwatch and wedding ring.
  • Make sure hair and facial hair and groomed and nails are clean.



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  • Wear a conservative colored pantsuit, skirt and blazer or dress.
  • Skirts and dresses should completely cover your thighs when sitting down.
  • Wear a nice, tailored blouse or sweater under your blazer or suit jacket. Make sure the shirt is not too revealing or see through.
  • Wear hosiery under your pants, skirt or dress.
  • Shoes should be a closed-toe pump or low-heeled shoe. Pick a neutral color.
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum — small earrings, conservative necklace or ring.
  • Make sure hair is groomed and nails are clean. If wearing polish, make sure it is a conservative, neutral color and has no chips.
  • Makeup should be light and natural.

If you have doubts about a particular item of clothing or accessory, pass on it. It’s better to err on the formal side than the casual side. You don’t want to spend the entire interview self conscious about the way you’re dressed. This is your chance to shine and show the hiring manager the best version of yourself.

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