Finding Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

Do you ever wish your home was just a little more . . . exciting? We can’t all be living in show homes, but there are lots of ways to give your living space a little more spice. A new paint color, a pretty centerpiece, or even a couple storage baskets can do wonders for your personal feng shui. So you might as well try something different this summer.

Now I know what you’re thinking: where do I even start? Home design definitely comes more easily to some than others, but I’m also a firm believer that cool home improvements aren’t just for the most creative. So if you’re interested in making your rooms a little cooler, here are five simple tips on where to find some design inspiration:

1. Browse Online

Just Google it! This may seem a bit obvious for you, but where better to start looking than right from your laptop? Check out home design ideas on Pinterest or Google pictures of blue rooms or creative lighting or beautiful kitchens—whatever you’re thinking about, I guarantee you someone is posting about it online. Dive in to see what you can find.

2. Break Out the Catalogs

Am I the only person here who enjoys drooling over the cool home design catalogs at the grocery store? Grab a copy of IKEA’s magazine, Real Simple, or Better Homes and Gardens to see what you can find. These publications are filled with interesting stories, design ideas, and fantastic pictures to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Do Some Window Shopping

Furniture stores and local boutiques are an awesome place to find cool ideas—and fun accessories too. Walk through RC Willy, IKEA, or Pottery Barn stores for inspiration on how to gussy up your bland living space. You might also do some research on home improvement conventions or home shows happening in your area. Or open houses for that matter. If people are trying to sell homes, chances are they’ll have something interesting inside for you to check out. Cast a wide net.

4. Talk to Your Friends

Do you have a rising design diva in your circle? I once knew a girl who was a professional furniture painter and was dying to repurpose anything her friends and neighbors would send her way. She got cool pictures for her blog and everyone else got amazingly unique dressers and bedside tables. So be brave enough to ask your pals for suggestions. And always keep your eyes open for cool ideas when you drop by your friends’ houses too. Without being creepy of course.

Looking for more ways to improve your house? Check out this great article on getting a home ready to show. Even if you’re not selling, you might find some interesting ideas . . .