6 Videos of Soldiers Coming Home

Independence Day has come and gone, but I’m sure lots of us are still feeling very patriotic this week. Personally one of my favorite ways of nurturing my American pride is watching heartwarming videos of servicemen and women coming home. Because really, these heroes’ sacrifices are what patriotism is all about.

So to continue the post-July Fourth spirit, here are six great homecoming videos to brighten up your day:

1. Surprising a son at school

If you ask me, the biggest sacrifice any military member makes is being away from their littles ones. They never stop growing. Check out this great clip of a little boy charging into his dad’s open arms.

2. Coming home for Dad’s birthday

This one will definitely tug on your heartstrings. Check out this video of a daughter returning from Iraq to surprise her dad on his birthday. Everybody loves a great daddy-daughter moment.

3. Crashing little sister’s graduation

Active military members miss big family events all the time as they’re out serving their country. But every now and then they make it home just in the nick of time. Here’s a beautiful video of a marine showing up unexpectedly at his little sister’s graduation.

4. Making a big day better than ever

In another big event made great, this on-duty marine got a special day of leave to make it to his sister’s wedding. And she had no idea he was coming.

5. Meeting your baby for the very first time

Every now and then you get a homecoming that’s a brand new beginning for a family. Take a look at this video where a returning soldier and first-time dad gets to meet his baby daughter for the very first time. So tender.

6. A surprise that went the other way around

There are hundreds of videos online of returning service members surprising their friends and family, but how often do the heroes themselves get an emotional surprise? In this last video, a loving wife traveled across the country to surprise her sergeant husband. He thought nobody would be there to welcome him home from Afghanistan, but little did he know . . .