3 Quick Tips for Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is arguably one of the most useful tools at your disposal during a job search. It comes in handy for a variety of things during the hiring process, from finding new opportunities to researching companies and interviewers.

It also helps hiring managers get to know you. It’s not uncommon for hiring managers to look you up after you submit an application, or for recruiters to look for strong candidates and invite them to interview for openings.

For these reasons, it’s important to create a professional LinkedIn profile highlighting your strongest qualities. If you haven’t done so already, make sure your LinkedIn profile includes these three things:

Write a Strong Headline and Summary

The headline and summary are two of the first things people will read on your LinkedIn profile to determine whether you are a good fit for their company. Your headline should be short, to the point and tell hiring managers exactly what you do. Your summary should give a brief highlight of who you are, what you do and any important career accomplishments you may have.

Customize Your Profile URL

When you first set up your LinkedIn profile, its URL will consist of random alphanumeric characters. You’ll want to customize it before your job search so it’s easy to remember and share — you might even consider putting your URL on your resume and cover letters. To choose a custom URL, go to settings >> edit public profile >> customize your public profile URL. We recommend using your name. If your name URL is already taken, try adding a middle initial or something to do with your profession, such as my.linkedin.com/in/johndoemarketer.

Keep Your Profile Picture Professional

Avoid selfies taken with your cell phone and that swimsuit picture on the beach. You don’t necessarily have to be wearing a business suit, but you’ll want to use a high-quality picture that is recent and shows you at your best.

Making a good first impression is an important aspect of the job-hunting process. You’ll want to make sure you come across confident and professional, especially on your LinkedIn profile. Need tips for looking professional during the interview? Read our article Interview Dress Guaranteed to Impress.


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