20 Famous People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Veterans


Celebrities – they’re just like you! OK, so maybe not just like you, but quite a few did serve in the U.S. military.

If fact, you may be surprised by some of the big-ticket names that appear on this list. Actors, musicians, writers — the military has seen some mighty talented people in its ranks.

Here are 20 celebrities you probably didn’t know were veterans:

Elvis Presley

Most Famous For: “The King of Rock and Roll”

Branch: Army (1958-1960)

George Carlin

Most Famous For: Stand-up comedian

Branch: Air Force (1954-1957


Most Famous For: Rapper, Actor

Branch: Army (1979-1983)

Charles Schulz

Most Famous For: Creator of Peanuts comic strip

Branch: Army (1943-1945)

Morgan Freeman

Most Famous For: Actor

Branch: Air Force (1955-1959)

Chuck Norris

Most Famous For: Actor, Martial Artist, All-around beast

Branch: Air Force (1958-1962)

Mr. T

Most Famous For: Actor in The A-Team and Rocky III

Branch: Army (unknown)

Johnny Cash

Most Famous For: Country music icon

Branch: Air Force (1950-1954)

Willie Nelson

Most Famous For: Country music star

Branch: Air Force (1950-1951)

Bill Cosby

Most Famous For: Comedian

Branch: Navy (1956-1960)

Hugh Hefner

Most Famous For: Publisher of Playboy magazine
Branch: Army (1944-1946)

Jimi Hendrix

Most Famous For: Rock n Roll musician

Branch: Army (1961-1962)

James Earl Jones

Most Famous For: Actor (voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars)
Branch: Army (1953-1955)

M.C. Hammer

Most Famous For: Rapper (and awesome parachute pants)

Branch: Navy (unknown)

Leonard Nimoy

Most Famous For: Mr. Spock on Star Trek

Branch: Army Reserves (Early 1950s)


Most Famous For: Reggae musician

Branch: Marine Corps (1988-1992)

Drew Carey

Most Famous For: Comedian, actor, host of The Price is Right

Branch: Marine Corps (1980-1986)

Bea Arthur

Most Famous For: Actress in All in the Family and Golden Girls

Branch: Marine Corps (1943-1945)

Gene Wilder

Most Famous For: Actor (Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

Branch: Army (1956-1958)



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