15 Awesome Packing Tips to Make Moving So Much Easier

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When you hear the words “moving day,” we’re willing to bet a lot of mixed feelings come up. On the one hand, you’re excited to live in your new home. On the other hand, you’re probably not looking forward to packing.

While we can’t come pack up your house for you (sorry!), we do have a few tricks up our sleeve to make the process a little easier. If the thought of boxing up all your possessions fills you with dread, try these 15 things:

1 .Get rid of things you don’t want or need – Start going through closets and drawers and create two piles: one for trash and one for donation. Throw the trash pile in the trash (or if you have larger items, plan a trip to the dump) and drop the donation pile off at the charity or thrift store of your choice.

2. Get free boxes – If you’re resourceful, you really shouldn’t have to shell out money for boxes. Ask friends and family if they have any to spare (or know of a place to snag some free ones). You could also call around to local retail stores to see if they’re willing to give you leftovers from recent shipments. If all else fails, look on Craigslist. Oftentimes people will give away (or sell at a highly discounted rate) the boxes they used from their recent move.

3. Wrap breakables in clothing – You gotta pack ‘em both, right? Why not kill two birds with one stone. Wrap fragile decor in clothing. You’ll protect it during the move and save money on bubble wrap.

4. Wrap large, fragile items in comforters/big blankets – Blankets can take up a lot of valuable box space. Instead of folding them up and packing them, use them to wrap large items you don’t want damaged, such as TVs, glass table tops, wooden furniture and more.  

5. Make use of saran wrap – Saran wrap is your best friend during a move. Use it to wrap storage trays and put it over drawers and boxes without lids to keep everything in its place. You might also consider putting a little bit of saran wrap under the lids of toiletries to prevent them from leaking.

6. Put small things, like screws, in plastic sandwich bags after taking larger furniture items apart –  Tape the bag to each item so it doesn’t get separated. That way, when you go to put it back together in your new place, it will all be right where you need it.

7. Make baskets, luggage and laundry hampers do double duty – No use putting your fancy boxes in cardboard boxes. Make them do double duty by putting small trinkets in baskets, heavy items like books in your luggage, and linens in the laundry hamper.

8. Don’t take clothes off hangers – Just put a garbage bag around them instead. That way, when you go to hang them up, all you have to do is take the garbage bag off.

9. Create a color code – If you’re an organization nerd, you’re going to love this suggestion. Go to the store and grab a different color of tape/sticker for each room in your house. Create a key listing which color goes with which room. Put the tape/sticker on each box, and then when you get to the new place, put another piece of tape/sticker on the doorway of each room. This will allow you and anybody helping you move quickly determine where each box needs to go in.

10. Pack a bag of essentials – More than likely, after you transport all your stuff to the new place, you’re going to be too tired to unpack right away. Pack a bag (or box) of essentials that you’ll need to get you through the first night and morning in your new home.

11. Buy foam plates to protect your real ones – Foam plates aren’t just for picnics, they’re also the perfect shape and size to protect your real dishes. Stack your plates and put a foam one in between each, then wrap them up in packing paper (or clothing) and place them vertically in the box.

12. Use up those plastic bags – Finally put that plastic bag full of other plastic bags to use! We know you probably don’t want to take them with you, but instead of throwing them away, use them to protect glass cups. Stuff one in the cup, then wrap another one around it. Voila!

13. Put lightweight items in drawers – Drawers are essentially boxes without lids, right? Take the heavy stuff out and use the empty space for lighter items like knick knacks, linens and clothes.

14. Pack items least needed to most needed – Start the packing process early, and you’ll stress a lot less. Start by boxing up items you rarely use and as the days go by, gradually start packing items used more frequently. Hopefully the night before you move, you’ll only have a few everyday items left to pack.  

15. Use small boxes for heavy items, large boxes for lighter items – Your friends and family will thank you for doing this tip. Large boxes are awkward, so it’s best to save them for lighter things, and leave the smaller, easier-to-maneuver boxes for bulky things.

Hopefully these packing tips make the moving process a little bit easier so you can focus on the exciting parts of moving – like entertaining and decorating. Have any moving tips of your own? Share them with the rest of us in the comment section below!



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