10 Must-See Places to Visit in America This Summer

Summer is almost here, which means you’re probably getting the itch to travel. Whether you’re taking a family vacation, a romantic one with your significant other or simply going on an adventure with friends, here are 10 must-see places visit in America this summer.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

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It’s been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina hit NOLA, and the city is ready to show it is back and thriving. The Big Easy has put a lot of work into refurbishing historic sites, and they’ve planned many events throughout the year to commemorate victims of Katrina and promote the city’s rebirth.

2. Catskills, New York

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Instead of hitting the Big Apple, why not try something a little more relaxing (and a whole lot less expensive) by exploring the Catskills Mountains and Hudson Valley just a few hours north of The City. Hike the mountains by day, and enjoy some amazing food at night. You definitely won’t regret trading in the concrete views for natural ones.

3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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You really can’t go wrong with camping, hiking and wild animal sightings in Jackson Hole. Plus, it’s a short drive to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love the mountain town’s selection of local bison and boar dishes.

4. Colorado River Region

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Mountain biking, river floats, hiking through gorgeous red-rock landscapes — what’s not to love? Plus, there’s a ton of national parks to choose from – Rocky Mountain National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and The Grand Canyon; just to name a few. Whichever you choose to explore, you really can’t go wrong.

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia has undergone a major transformation to make the city an urban outdoor paradise. Public art installations, and outdoor beer gardens are popping up, and the city has reworked its various outdoor points of interest, such as the Delaware River waterfront, Spruce Street Harbor Park, Race Street Pier and a new boardwalk off the Schuylkill River. Plus, a new bike share program is being introduced, so getting around will be easier than ever.

6. Portland, Oregon

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If you’re anxious to see the northwest corner of the United States (and really, who wouldn’t be) this summer, consider a stop in Portland. Music, art, outdoor fun and food – Portland really has it all.

7. Chicago, Illinois

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If you love architecture, then the Windy City is where you need to be this summer. Considered the birthplace of American skyscrapers, you’re sure to fall in love the city’s bird-eye views from the top of the Willis Tower and John Hancock building. You might also consider taking an architecture cruise down the Chicago River. The city really has something to offer everyone – Navy Pier for family fun, The Magnificent Mile for shopaholics and The Art Institute of Chicago for culture lovers.

8. San Antonio, Texas

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The Alamo, River Walk, La Villita, Tex-Mex cuisine – San Antonio is truely is a gem in the heart of Texas. If you’re looking for a unique vacation with a little American History and southwest culture, San Antonio is definitely the way to go.

9. Washington, D.C.

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What better way to spend a summer vacation than learning about the history of our government. Plan some time to explore the Smithsonian’s many museums and see national icons like the White House, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Memorial. Just be sure to save some energy for the city’s bustling nightlife and food culture.

10. San Diego, California

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With sandy beaches, yummy seafood and entertainment for the whole family, San Diego has a lot to offer. It’s great for those looking for a balance of relaxation and fun with its gorgeous beaches, thriving nightlife and world-famous zoo.

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